『愛を伝え、愛と生きる 』というコンセプトで機能性を重視し、独自開発の生地を使用した日本製のラウンジウェアを発表いたします。





代表取締役 竹村綾華


Based on the concept of “Show Love, Live Love”, we have released a line of made in Japan lounge wear that can be worn as comfy lounge clothes, or out of the house as everyday casual wear, with an emphasis on functionality. For the entire lineup, we have developed our own original fabric (inner skin contact surface is a pile material). The concept of “Show Love, Live Love” serves to remind us to be relaxed in both mind and body, be honest with ourselves and those around us, and not forget to show love. In addition to men's, ladies', and matching looks, we have developed linked products with echoing colors and patterns that can be word together with loved ones, as linked outfits. They make a perfect gift for that special someone in your life. Our brand’s gold name tags are placed on the outside so as not to touch the skin, to make the clothes all the more relaxing. And as a message that love is inside of you, the tags are on the left side, closer to the heart. 


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Regarding the material, we developed different fabrics for the innner and outer surfaces, so as to realize the comfort of room wear, while retaining the design properties of casual everyday outer wear. It took about two and a half years of repeated fabirc development to pursue the right texture and functionality. We are committed to “made in Japan”, as all processes are carried out in Japan, from fabric development to sewing. We will spread the height of Japanese technology not only in Japan, but to the entire world.